Discover the Healing Effects of Massage Therapy

Massages at the Back Center focus on providing the client with a therapeutic experience that rejuvenates the body and the mind.


Chaz Gilmore, Licensed Massage Therapist

Chaz has been practicing massage therapy for over 7 years. His passion began when his brother was injured and needed massage therapy and physical therapy to help rehabilitate his range of motion and mobility issues.
He went to the Boulder College of Massage Therapy because at the time, they were ranked top three in the country. He loves what massage can do and continues to do to show the medical community its effectiveness for things like pain management and many other musculoskeletal dysfunctions.
Chaz is working with the American Massage Therapy Association to get massage regulations in Wyoming since there is currently nothing in place for massage licensure, etc. Chaz is also highly considering going to Palmer Chiropractic College and follow the footsteps of Lazetta.

Massage and chiropractic care go great together.

A chiropractic adjustment, reduces joint restrictions or misalignments and reduces inflammation. Massage does similar things for the muscles. 

To schedule a massage call 307-473-1551.

Massage Pricing

Integrated Massage

Integrated is a fancy word for using more than one massage modality during a session. Every massage is different & unique... just like you! The professional terminology to describe the work being done is: Deep Swedish massage with an Orthopedic emphasis. In other words, Swedish techniques are used between the deeper work that involves muscle attachments. Stretching and other add-ons are available - just ask!

Massage Options

60 Minute Massage$80
75 Minute Massage$100
90 Minute Massage$125